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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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seaboard tonight. >> right now thunderstorms are starting to close -- pop closer to the immediate metro area. the entire viewing area remained under a watch until 8:00. those are flash flood warnings in effect. a couple of those close to the metro area, just north of gaithersburg heavier storms coming out of culpeper. that whole area is going to continue to move north. that area in pink, those are the thunderstorm watch is. they will continue through the evening hours. we will watch for the next couple of hours. it will end tonight. the weekend, it is going to get hot, and then hotter. you can check in with us,
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all weekend for the forecast out we continue to follow breaking news from the district. police said an off-duty police officer exchanged gunfire with a group of men near a mosque late this afternoon. we were first on the scene of this incident. rebecca cooper is live in northwest. >> the shooting took place just outside this mosque. this mosque has been an integral part of this neighborhood for more than 75 years. the shooting took place shortly after 2:15. people were gathered for afternoon prayer. a man stood up and started yelling. >> we paused for that person so
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that he could be removed. that is inappropriate. he was out of order, said he was asked the required lead to leave. >> what's the did the men had sat when he stood up was that he yelled that they were recruiting. he said he was acting inappropriately and an off-duty police of the third to tap into be your for friday prayer services. two friends were waiting for him outside and someone had a gun. they began to exchange fire halfway down the street. they were able to apprehend the gunmen. police are coming that part to try to find additional bullet casings. they are talking to people at the mosque and in the area, trying to determine if this might have been a hate crime. this was a man who was not a member of the mosque.
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more breaking news from the district, a man and woman are facing a 40-year prison terms for the murder of a couple. they were sentenced today for their conviction and the killing. they were found murdered inside their home. a third defendant was sentenced in march. the first big weekend of the summer is upon us. there is plenty to do our volunteer for the memorial day holiday. aaa says 35 million people will be on the road this weekend. driving is less popular because of the gasoline prices. >> right now, we are out here, the mixing bowl and springfield. right now i-95 for people
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heading to virginia beach. we spotted some afternoon back out on 395 in northern virginia. some drivers are waiting to get out of the d.c. area get out of traffic. they are not leaving for ocean city until sunday. >> we are leaving around 4:00 in the morning. >> gas prices may have slipped below $4, but there is a large group of people staying put this memorial day weekend because they say it costs enough to get around town. >> we will be around the area. we cannot afford to plan any trips. >> he is staying at home to avoid the long ride in the car with the kids and a possible traffic nightmare. >> traffic can take up to six hours. >> if you are staying in town, here are some natural closings you need to know about.
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starting friday night no train service between federal centers southwest and minnesota ave. pat means that capitol south eastern market, potomac avenue, and the stadium stations will be closed. >> metro says there will be three -- free shuttle service. a 40-minute delayed because of those closings. the man charged with the responsibility of the murders of thousands of people goes to court. we have new details. >> patching things up with pakistan, see how the u.s. is working to repair the relationship. >> major movement when it comes to contenders for the white house.
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> some activity in the race for the white house these days. >> it is going to be heating up. mitch romney leads the polling rick santorum, michele bachmann expected to announce this month.
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>> we have been watching the gop field for quite some time, waiting for some big names to commit. we're finally getting a glimpse of what is shaping up to be a bit more of a brace. it seems sarah palin it may be ready to take a presidential plunge. while she is only hunting for now -- hinting for now others are more obvious. mitt romney was in iowa today. he plans to announce next week. just this morning, a bit of a surprise. >> are you going to think about it? >> rick perry a fiscal conservative, opening a once
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shut door. all taking aim at president obama. >> his agenda failed because he does not understand how the economy works. >> mitt romney sent over some leftover pizza is to the headquarters. all will be playing catch-up to the incumbent. >> it is always tough to beat an incumbent president. president shows that he is an incredible campaigner. >> newt gingrich, ron paul. british guiliani is also being bounced around as a possible candidate. >> thank you very much afraid a big day at the naval academy.
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we will take a look at it graduation day. >> we are keeping an eye on disguise. we have an update after the break. >> this is a big across weekend for a maryland. the national how some frustration in the locker room.
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memorial weekend begins, but they're rolling thunder are arriving in the area this morning. laying a wreath at the historic cemetery in southeast washington. rolling thunder has a number of advanced plant of the course of the weekend. police arrested him yesterday. they want to extradite him to face charges. his lawyer argues against this. the judge ruled that he could be extradited as soon as monday.
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he is maintaining his innocence. hillary clinton is urging pakistan to increase its counter-terrorism efforts. she met with the pakistan president today. the administration is trying to improve the relations with the two countries. they are strained, as you know. >> pakistan should understand that anti-americanism and conspiracy theories will not make problems disappear. >> the relationship is strained by the killing of osama bin laden. the united states went in there to get camp without a warning pakistan in advance. >> president obama has made the arab spring moment one of the main issues of the g8 summit. he is trying to maintain
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pressure on regimes in syria and libya. consumer spending was up last month. a lot of the increases were offset by higher consumer discretionary prices. excluding the price increases for food and energy, the increase was only 0.1%. it is graduation day at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. robert gates delivered the commencement address. he praised the military success in iraq and afghanistan and in killing osama bin laden. it is one of this last speeches. the cia director will replace him as secretary of defense. they had a beautiful day there. >> a nice breeze.
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we have rain coming to many parts of the area this evening. we will start our big-time warm up on sunday. >> a little early. >> let's take a look at the radar print the entire range in under -- the entire region remains under a severe thunderstorm watch. another little shower -- this is the edge of the heavier rain. the real heavy stuff is out to the edge of us. bat is the heady stuff burton up north. this will come up the i-95 corridor this evening. we have been watching this large area of rain trade -- of rain. it will come up west of the metro area. most of the rain is going to come up west of here to the valleys in the west.
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as it swings east, it will come through the metro area and beyond. it looks like we will have a brain and rumbles. not a perfect for anything very severe. the watch is still in effect. it was comparable to iran to your. we are not that far -- it was comfortable around here. much cooler weather off to the west. this cold air is not headed this way any time senate. the exact opposite. 85 for us tomorrow. isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon at. for sunday, mostly sunday. near 90 degrees. this weather pattern will continue into the day on tuesday. if you are going to the beach is tomorrow, we will be in the
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70's. the weather for the rest of the weekend looked very similar. close to 80 degrees by sunday and monday. that is what you can expect if you are heading down 30% chance of storms. the next cool front comes in and wednesday. temperatures get closer to an average grade one more reminder about with this weather pattern you want to check out our interactive radar. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the national had a streak going. >> these are happy times in washington at. the washington nationals were in the midst of a five-game losing streak. frustration was starting to
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surface in the locker room. to be brutally honest, i he is just starting to hit him self. the manager wanted to nip it in the bud. >> i am not going to tell you what was said. he is definitely on board. it was a really good conversation. jason is becoming one of the voices of the ball club. he expressed that frustration and he has been -- he has done a lot of wining and we are not winning right now. >> the mavericks and heat both made strong finishes. lebron james took over. he ended with 28.
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. miami moves on to play dallas. >> we do not take this for granted. there are a lot of teams, 15 teams. we have a lot of work to do it. we look forward to the challenge. >> let's go to lacrosse. this has been a ride for the maryland lacrosse team they went into the tournament as an unseeded team. they face duke tomorrows. this is the gauge with a better plan for the national title at. >> we have to make sure that we come ready to play. the are the higher ranked team at. we come in as an underdog again at. we are better in that role of.
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>> the women's lacrosse team is playing in the final four as we speak. they are the defending national champions. this goal puts them up 4-2 pitch right now, they lead 7-2 against duke. he has apologized and the team owner has responded as well. >> it was a lack of judgment. all i can do is apologize to the public my friend, my fans, my sponsors. >> he has to learn from it. do something from the standpoint of doing something positive. >> 128 miles per hour. it was another of such as the french open.
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128 miles per hour and a 45-mile per hour i
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what kind of weather can we expect for the weekend? >> warm weather. some thunderstorms are starting to pop up right now. they are drifting off to the north and there are more apt word that comes from. we will keep a widespread -- we will keep a watch. look forward to a summer weekend here. 88 on sunday, into the 90's on memorial day. let's get tropical. >> i guess we will. >> we will see you at 11:00. have a good night.
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